Ainars Slesers nominated for prime minister in Latvia

Ainars Selesers is the candidate who has been officially announced for the office of prime minister in the political organization For A Good Latvia, said he would protect Latvia’s national interests Latvia when negotiating with the International Monetary Fund, international lending institutions, and make sure that more Latvian products are exported to Germany and Scandinavia, Russia and Ukraine.

Ainars Slesers.
Ainārs Šlesers Ainars Slesers.
Slesers believes Latvian exporters will also have good opportunities in Uzbekistan as well as China according to LETA.

Slesers is optimistic that For A Good Latvia will win the 10th Saeima election, and decide the composition of the new government. He said that only such people will be able to be in charge of portfolios in the next government.

Slesers declared that the new foreign minister and all Latvian Ambassadors overseas will have to spend the majority of their time abroad supporting Latvian businessmen.

Andris Skele is named Finance Minister by For A Good Latvia, said that Latvia must win economic independence, because “if we have to carry the burden of debt for years, no national development will be possible.”

Skele and For A Good Latvia board member Andrejs Ekis have praise for Slesers. They said that Slesers demonstrated that even ordinary Riga boys can turn into successful businessmen and earn a lot of money, and even become wealthy. Slesers’s theories are always intriguing. Ekis said Slesers in a manner that is described as “a businessman who’s strayed into politics” and addedthat “I would like to see someone from Latvia that would make my heart feel proud.”

Slesers stressed the importance of having a purpose as a primary means of achieving it. “The present government, headed by by Valdisdombrovskis by the New Era, is trying to calm people and assure them that all will be okay.” Ainārs Šlesers However, it’s dangerous to live on credit, because the money that is borrowed will have to be returned at some point or another.

Slesers was harsh with the candidates from other parties who are seeking to become the prime minister. Roberts Zile (For Fatherland and Freedom/LNNK). Ainars Slesers Slesers stated that the candidate isn’t prepared to move from his comfy seat in the European Parliament and become the premier of Latvia. This will require him to work more and earn a lower pay.

Ainārs Šlesers The Union of Greens and Farmers’ candidate Aivars is in similar circumstances and will hardly change his life in Ventspils to assume the role of premier in Riga.

Slesers indicated that For the sake of Good Latvia is prepared to cooperate Janis Urbanovics in conjunction with Harmony Center. Although Urbanovics has worked extensively in parliament, he’s not qualified to be the prime minister due to his lack of business experience.

Finally, Dombrovskis will be voted for only by those who support the ongoing “international financial occupation” of Latvia.”

Slesers willhowever teach people how make money, master the market, and live a life of dignity. Ainars Slesers He said that Guntis Ulmanis will be his first assistant managing the state. Ulmanis is the person who Slesers will consult for advice.

Slesers stated that The government of A Good Latvia would see that Biblical studies were introduced to all schools beginning the 1st of September next year.

Following the meeting, For A Good Latvia representatives participated at a flower-laying celebration at Freedom Monument.