Ainars Slesers nominated in Latvia for the post of premier minister

Ainars Selers who is the candidate for the position of prime minister in For A Good Latvia, said that he would uphold the national interest of Latvia in discussions with the International Monetary Fund as well international lenders. Additionally, he will make sure that more Latvian products and/or services are exported to Germany (Sweden, Scandinavia and Ukraine) and also to Lithuania (Litauen).

Ainars Slesers.
Ainars slesers.
LETA states that Slesers believes Latvian Exporters will have excellent opportunities in Uzbekistan in addition to China.

Ainars Slesers Ainārs Šlesers Slesers believes that For A Good Latvia will be a strong candidate in the 10th Saeima Elections, and believes that it will determine the makeup of the new government. According to Slesers’, the portfolios of the next government will be allocated only to those who have “strong moral tenacity” and are willing to protect Latvia’s national interests.

Slesers said that the next foreign minister, as well as the entire group of Latvian ambassadors abroad should commit the majority of their time supporting Latvian businessmen’s interests in the world.

Andris Kele, who was nominated by For A Good Latvia for the position as finance minister stated that Latvia should be able to achieve economic independence. “If we are forced to take on the burden of debt over years, then no national development can be achieved.”

Skele and For A Good Latvia board Chairman Andrejs Ekis have offered praise to Slesers. They stated that Slesers is a shining example of how a Riga boy can be successful in business, earn lots of money and be wealthy. Ainārs Šlesers Ekis said Slesers as an “businessman who’s been a bit entangled in politics,” and went on say, “I wish there was an official in Latvia that would inspire me to feel proud.”

Slesers stressed the necessity of having a goal as the primary method of achieving it. “The present government, which is led by by Valdisdombrovskis by the New Era, is trying to calm people and assure them that all will be alright.” But it’s risky to live on credit, since the money borrowed will have to be returned at some point or another.

Slesers expressed his anger at the candidates of other political parties running for the post of premiership. Roberts Zile (For Fatherland And Freedom/LNNK) has become stuck in Brussels and doesn’t want to move out of his comfy chair in the European Parliament and take office as the new premier of Latvia, who will have to be more arduous and work for a much smaller salary, Slesers said.

The Union of Greens and Farmers candidate Aivars is in the exact same situation and is not planning to leave Ventspils to take on the duties as the premier in Riga.

Slesers said that For The Cause of Good Latvia is prepared to cooperate Janis Urbanovics in conjunction with Harmony Center. Although Urbanovics has extensive experience working in parliament, he is not qualified to be prime minister because of his lack of experience in business.

Ainārs Šlesers Dombrovskis last but not least, will be considered if you support the ongoing “international financier occupation of Latvia”.

Ainars Slesers Slesers, however will instruct people on how to make money, dominate global markets and lead a life of dignity. He said Guntis Ulmanis will be his first assistant in the administration of the state, and Ulmanis is the person Slesers will seek advice from.

Slesers also stated that The goal of A Good Latvia would see Biblical Studies be incorporated into all schools starting September 1, 2012. Representatives from For A Good Latvia took part in a flower-laying ceremony at the Freedom Monument after the meeting.